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17th September 2018

Submit Ticket Options

As a user, you can submit tickets in three ways:

  1. Using the built-in form;
  2. Using a form created via Ninja Forms;
  3. Or importing emails sent to your preferred email account.

Try the built-in form way

This is the default way to allow users to submit tickets and setting it up is very simple using the Submit Ticket shortcode. The relevant documentation can be found here.

To try out the built-in form, click here.

Try the Ninja Forms way

If you decide that WPHelpDesk’s built-in form doesn’t meet your needs, the Ninja Forms integration will allow you to create a form that will submit tickets to WPHD that way. The relevant documentation can be found here.

To try out a Ninja Forms example, click here.

Try the email way

Apart from using a form, you can also import emails from your email account and manage them via WPHelpDesk. Your replies will end up to your client’s email account as regular emails.

To try this out, just send an email to Note that a user account will be automatically created for your email. You’ll receive an email that will allow you to setup your password so you can access your ticket from the Client Portal page.